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Tool cabinet / car
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Combined tool cabinet
Station table
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Movable work table
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Summary of the work table
Heavy work table
Medium-sized work desk
Light duty work table
Combined work table
Lift the mobile work table
Hexagonal work table
Square hole hook
Finishing materials
Part box rack
Home locker
Parts sorting box
Filing cabinet
File cabinet / locker
Tool carts Series
Flexible system of wire rod
Aluminum flexible system
Storage shelves series
Type A in the amount of shelf
In the amount of D-type shelves
Heavy beam shelves
Drive-in Racking
Mezzanine shelving
Slide Rack
Cantilever Racking
Fluent style shelves
Mesh partition
Logistics containers Series
Assembly parts box
Back to hang the parts box
Multifunctional materials boxes
Pluggable Turnover Box
Stacking turnover box
Plastic tray
Iron turnover box
Iron car / box
Storage cage
Stackable Frame
Handling equipment series
Folding logistics vehicles
Pluggable logistics vehicles
Racks / car
Mute cart
Steel cart
Turtle car
Oil drum storage
Hydraulic pallet trucks
Hydraulic platform vehicle
Power roller conveyor line
Car workstation
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Shanghai Topwin Logistics Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a location appliance, container logistics, warehousing, handling a series of product development, manufacturing, sales, service as one of the professional company. Market demand and absorption of advanced logistics planning and management concepts in order to save space, improve efficiency and reduce logistics costs, improve customer service levels for business purposes, the development of the station apparatus, logistics containers, storage facilities and handling equipment four series of products designed to provide an excellent service for the production and management of modern enterprises.
Design team
company has a young and experienced design team, they composed of young engineers with many years experience in the design, logistics planning and logistics transformation program with professional , rationalization, systematic characteristics of the design of products with the advanced nature of rationality and systematic characteristics.
Company can according to customer's actual situation, product corresponding improvements to meet the different needs of different customers for similar products;
company can be designed to meet the special needs of customers, customer preferences, and can reduce logistics costs and improve the products of the factory image.
company plant area of ​​4000 square meters, production workshop and mold workshop about 2000 square meters, the storage area of ​​approximately 1500 square meters, office building of approximately 500 square . Existing shears, CNC punching, folding machines, presses (largest is 315 tons), dozens of sets of production equipment such as spot welding, and has a highly trained staff, exercise force in sheet metal production , metal cold punch has considerable strength. Transform
company has a factory logistics planning and logistics transformation of experience in logistics and logistics equipment, etc., to provide enterprises with the appropriate logistics planning and logistics transformation services. Assist enterprises to improve logistics, optimize space, improve efficiency to a new level.
Product applications
provided by the company products are mainly used in automobiles, machinery, household appliances, light industry, electronics, pharmaceutical, chemical and commercial logistics industry. The company is still continuing to develop new products and improve the existing products, considerable emphasis

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