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Product technologyof raw materials → length (test) → automatic punching, cutting angle (test) → bending molding (test) → welding correction (test) → polishing → surface spray → test → Packaging (Qualified) → finished product (storage until shipping)
1) Raw materials: All product components selected the Baosteel raw materials, the profiles produced by cold rolling processing, steel grade: Q235.
2) The length: CNC cut to length to ensure that the precise size of the next process, the diagonal
3) automatic punching, Cutaway: Automatic Continuous Punching, Notching production line, with parts in the molding before punching, cutting angle, accuracy up to 0.05mm, the entire accumulated error of less than 0.2 mm
4) bending molding: molding by CNC automatic bending angle, forming size of the error is less than the 0.5mm
5) welding correction: All welding TIG welding machine, to ensure the weld quality and welds smooth and beautiful
6) polished: polished, fully molded products to stab to ensure that the surface roughness after surface treatment, the smooth
7) Surface treatment: an automatic high-voltage electrostatic spray production lines, the choice of imported Akzo powder
8) test: classification of surface treatment products, to take corresponding measures on the qualified product packaging to avoid the collision of the product during transport of non-conforming products, paint, change shaped, waterproof, dustproof
9) finished products: products packaged storage keep accounts, to go goods instructions

Production technology
raw materials (cold-rolled steel) → cutting (CNC (automatic punching, cutting angle) → inspection → welding material) → forming → test → coating before processing (to oil, to rust, phosphide) → Electrophoresis primer → baking → test → make up the end of the clear bottom (initial installation) → finish → assembly, adjustment → total inspection → packing → finished product

Surface treatment and process
1) surface treatment:
epoxy powder spray, strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, appearance features. Coating thickness of up to 60-80um, the curing temperature of 180°C. All the metals are strictly acid, phosphate processing, surface hardness scratch by the 2H pencil test, the national GB6739-86 standard, and fully guarantee the quality of surface.
2) The process:
black billet chemical rust → cleaning → degreasing → → phosphating → cleaning → spray → leveling curing → finished product → packaging → warehousing.
1. electrostatic powder adhesion to the requirements of the national GB6739-88 standard 0;
2. hardness (wear resistance) of more than 100 times that of ordinary Nitrocellulose Liquor, to achieve the national GB6739-86 standard 2H requirements;

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