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Branch to join the Know:

The join policy
2012, Topwin support to encourage the industry to aspiring entrepreneurs to individual form to join us, to expand their business the Topwin brand as the leading, ie entrants without their own companies, without their own directory sample, without its own funds, you must have strong business development capabilities and strong industry expertise and independent problem-solving skills to develop the China market, together with Topwin, sharing profits and entrepreneurial fun. Specific details, please contact us.

On integrity
in the face of the eternal interests of moisture always believed that the affection is priceless, and we treasure the relationship between each branch, to all passengers, regardless of and small, we will open its door to visitors from every corner of the world Topwin always believed that "good faith" is a beacon of business ups and downs never sets.

On price
in prices not only lower the minimum on the market, quality is bound to be "not the worst only more broken, and we do not want to see our partners. to choose this sweet in the bitter profitable way to go again and again to explain to customers why the product quality for most distributors, the sale is a very difficult thing, so we want our products to ensure quality under the premise of our partners peace of mind to earn the profits you deserve to do their sales channels.

Information on their rights
Topwin Logistics to authorize the joining branch have Topwin logistics sales rights, peripheral products marketing rights, trademark rights, and can self-development of lower-level agents and distributors. Customer relationships to expand in all branches of the branch. Sales rights: have the logistics Topwin version of the product, sales agents the right of the peripheral products, trademarks and brand the right to use: in the marketing and sales process with trademarks and brands right to use the activities of the right to host the logistics of Topwin: according to the needs of the market organized various exhibitions, expand the right of the training activities, group users: You can expand the market for local industry associations and other groups class customers, service logistics arrangements by Topwin Members of the sales agents for pre-sales training, unify their thinking.

Conditions for joining
company registered capital of 10 million yuan; agree with the the Topwin business philosophy and concept of the channel, "Topwin's goods as the main product; commitment" Topwin " not less than five full-time sales staff, full-time service of not less than one; a comprehensive understanding of the "Topwin" products, including but not limited to product use, the value of the product; a comprehensive understanding of a variety of agents Topwin to join policies and regulations.

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